LED lighting grabs furniture market

To LED lighting enterprises, market prospect of commercial lighting has been widely recognized in the industry. Among all channels, furniture lighting is identified as promising market segmentation with clothing market, jewelry market and supermarket tighter.

Since traditional lighting enterprises have obvious advantages in channel building, many small and medium size LED enterprises face difficulties to enter into traditional circulation channels. Under such circumstances, enterprises have to find other easier channels. In addition to market demands, light quality and lighting solution also are the important factors。

Reasonable light design can affect furniture store sales, hereby lamp choice is crucial. It’s known that brand furniture stores adopt low-efficiency grille lamp with incandescence light source and halogen lamp as main lighting. Compared to halogen lamp, LED lamp lifespan is longer and energy saving effect is more obvious, also can save energy 80%.

LINKE expands business in International Market

With the fast development of LED lighting industry, the demands of LED light products in people’s everyday life has been rising accordingly. For example, the Europe Union has released sales ban of incandescent light in 2012, and the US  no longer produce 60W and 40W incandescent lights from 2014. At the same time, 75W and 100W incandescent lights are banned in Canada, therefore the demands of LED lights are blossom in the worldwild market. Other new markets like Russia, Africa, Latin America, and  Thailand,will have a massive scale street lights retrofitting in 2015.
Domestic LED enterprises show great interests in overseas markets that may have many business opportunities. LINKE is confident in building an excellent brand image and reputation in the competitive international market.

2015 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), first held in 1999, is founded by Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Being the largest autumn lighting event in Asia and the second in the world, the 17th edition HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) will be held from October 27th – 30th this year at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

In 2014, it successfully attracted close to 2,560 global exhibitors from more than 38 countries and regions to showcase their latest and finest lighting fixture in the face of quality cluster of 38,030 buyers.

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date: October 27th -30th, 2015

What done before shipping of LED

First, check the appearance of the product,avoid any problems and flaws.
Second, test products again.
Third, clean products.
Fourth, pack according to customer special requirements.
Fifth, inspect the shipping carton and ready for shipping
Sixth, before shipment, take sample and check again.

Why LED lights

A low-power, high-efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials, LED lights represent the future of a new generation of eco-friendly and long-lasting lighting system.

Due to the low heat and power consumption of LEDs, LED lights are excellent replacements for many high energy consuming lighting applications such as halogen spotlights, display lighting, recessed down lighting, cove lighting, underwater lighting, architectural details and other applications.

In addition, the long service life of LEDs eliminates the need for regular maintenance of hard-to-reach lighting fixtures.

Benefits of LED lights:

·Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant.

·Up to 80% energy savings result in major reduction in your electricity bills.

·Better Colour Rendering Index (CRI) produces light with enhanced colour tone that is more radiant.

·No fluorescent flickering or buzzing noise. Instant light up ·Environmentally friendly.

. No mercury or lead ·Safer. No danger of broken glass from shattered casing

·Maintenance free, easy installation ·Long lifetime of 50,000+ hrs

·Low power consumption and heat output

·No UV radiation Applications Our inLEDs™ LED lights and luminaires are suitable for:


Three reasons and Countermeasures of LED lights with feign death

LED lamp belt can appear LED feign death phenomenon in the process of producing (i.e., the LED is not bright), this phenomenon in 5050 LED lights are most likely to appear. The reasons are main as the following:
1, Electrostatic burn out
Because led is electrostatic sensitive components, if the electrostatic protection work not ready in the process of producing. will burn out the LED chip, then appear LED lamp belt feign death phenomenon.
The measures to prevent this phenomenon occurs is to strengthen the electrostatic protection, as long as staff who touched the led, must wear anti-static gloves in accordance with the relevant provisions, electrostatic ring, tools and instruments have to be grounded.
2, High temperature damage
LED high temperature resistant performance is not good, therefore, if for the LED welding temperature and welding time no control well during producing and maintain,will be over high temperature and keep on high temperature and then led chip damage.will keep on high temperature for ultra high temperature or is caused by the damage of the LED chip, LED to the LED lamp with feign death phenomenon.
The measures to prevent this phenomenon occur : do well in reflow and solder iron temperature control, a specialist is responsible for it, dedicated file management; Soldering pen adopts temperature control, effectively prevent the solder iron temperature to burn out the LED chip.
3, Moisture burst at high temperature
If LED packaging exposed to air for a long time can be moisture, if not treated with desiccant before use,Owning to reflow soldering temperature is too high and long time period caused LED package’s moisture was thermal expansion and then burst out during the reflow solder. and indirectly caused LED chip overheat and damage.
Solution: LED storage environment need good constant temperature and humidity .the no used LED must be placed about 80 ° of oven bake for 6 ~ 8 hours to make dehumidification before the next use. Ensure that leds using would not be appear the Absorption of moisture phenomena.
led study

Study LED

What are you thinking when someone else refers to LED?Innovative?energy efficient ?or sustainable?LED definitely has all the qualities,so,today let’s dig into it.
1: Light engines: LED light engines are powerful,flexible and efficient .Because optical and mechanical parameters of the individual light engines remain constant on many product generations. Such as,the geometry, optical parameters and outer diameter, especially radiation characteristics and lumen packages will not change.
2:Modules: No matter how many single LEDs,it always can make up the modules,maybe one or two,or more .The LEDs are mounted on a flexible board,such as printed circuit board.
3:Lamps: The quality of LED lamps is outstanding. Let’s find out the truth .The lamps have so many characteristics,such as long life(long-lasting), high lighting quality and the most important – save your money.
4:Luminaires: They are described as systems which are used to light , combine a module or even a engine with gear . As we know,many things have a peak time , the luminaire has the first-rank system too,which join simultaneously together with the light source and functions when heat sink.

wpc board

WPC boards- A promising product for Europe

WPC boards are available with various names like ‘Construction boards’, ‘Crust foam boards’, ‘Calcium boards’, ‘WPC shuttering boards’ ‘WPC MDF boards’, WPC Plates, PVC foam boards, WPC
sheets, WPC panels, WPC formwork panels etc. in global markets. WPC boards can be produced with flexible density range varies from 400 kg/cum to 900 kg/cum. Another important characteristic is the surface density of this product and which also can be adjusted between a range of 55 shore D to 85 shore D surface hardness.

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