Three reasons and Countermeasures of LED lights with feign death

LED lamp belt can appear LED feign death phenomenon in the process of producing (i.e., the LED is not bright), this phenomenon in 5050 LED lights are most likely to appear. The reasons are main as the following:
1, Electrostatic burn out
Because led is electrostatic sensitive components, if the electrostatic protection work not ready in the process of producing. will burn out the LED chip, then appear LED lamp belt feign death phenomenon.
The measures to prevent this phenomenon occurs is to strengthen the electrostatic protection, as long as staff who touched the led, must wear anti-static gloves in accordance with the relevant provisions, electrostatic ring, tools and instruments have to be grounded.
2, High temperature damage
LED high temperature resistant performance is not good, therefore, if for the LED welding temperature and welding time no control well during producing and maintain,will be over high temperature and keep on high temperature and then led chip damage.will keep on high temperature for ultra high temperature or is caused by the damage of the LED chip, LED to the LED lamp with feign death phenomenon.
The measures to prevent this phenomenon occur : do well in reflow and solder iron temperature control, a specialist is responsible for it, dedicated file management; Soldering pen adopts temperature control, effectively prevent the solder iron temperature to burn out the LED chip.
3, Moisture burst at high temperature
If LED packaging exposed to air for a long time can be moisture, if not treated with desiccant before use,Owning to reflow soldering temperature is too high and long time period caused LED package’s moisture was thermal expansion and then burst out during the reflow solder. and indirectly caused LED chip overheat and damage.
Solution: LED storage environment need good constant temperature and humidity .the no used LED must be placed about 80 ° of oven bake for 6 ~ 8 hours to make dehumidification before the next use. Ensure that leds using would not be appear the Absorption of moisture phenomena.